Trying to sketch Jerzy

15 Nov

Jerzy Drozd speaks with a student.
Originally uploaded by Ann Arbor District Library

As a self-imposed drawing exercise I’m trying to create a convincing sketch of Jerzy Drozd, using this photo reference.

The difficulty is that I want to sketch it without looking at the paper.

Here is what I have so far.

Sketching Jerzy, first sketch

I’ve folded a big stack of paper, and am trying to get a better result than the above sketch.

After 50 minutes and quite a few sketches, my best version was this one.

Sketching Jerzy, part 2

Another thirty minutes later and my head exploded. Obviously, this is a mind-numbing exercise, especially because progress is so hard to spot.

Still, it is good for the soul to do things you hate doing, and still keep doing them, just to discipline yourself. It makes you appreciate the times you’re having fun all the more.

That is all.

(added November 16, 2009)

Sketching  Jerzy, part 3

So, this is what my best attempt was one day later. I can see some improvement. I guess I should keep this up. Being able to draw without looking at your drawing is a neat trick to have as an artist.

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