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Kittens galore

18 Nov

This is a drawing based on a drawing in a book by Walter Foster. My version is somewhat more of a caricature than his. I used a softer pencil on this one, a 1B instead of the usual HB.

Drawing kittens, part 7

I tried to mimic the shading and markings of the original, but decided to use my own. As is often the case with this kind of books, this book is meant to show off skills, and is less about teaching how to draw and how to develop your own shorthand. I guess that is why I found the booklet in a bargain bin. Nevertheless, there is some instruction in the book, and with some knowledge from books of artists who teach other artists who already are highly successful, I could piece together how to make a good sketch.

And that’s a good thing, because I’ll need it very soon. The ability to make good kitten sketches, I mean. It’s a secret project I’m working on.

That is all.


Yet more kittens

18 Nov

Drawing kittens, part 3I redid a sketch from a photo I tried a few days ago. This one seems more inspired, like I actually understood what I was doing. While the previous sketch looked spontaneous as well, this one has more dynamic in it. I also like the indication of the bed sheets.

Drawing kittens, part 6

That is all.