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Kittens ad nauseam

19 Nov

I began drawing kittens, in the hope I’ll get in a great enough mood to turn the sketches into full drawings. However, it was not meant to be. The following sketches weren’t even the first I tried today, but the third through the sixth. You can see these represent kittens, but you can also see the kittens are drawn, meaning that they don’t pull you in. Inspirational drawings was my goal.

Drawing kittens, part 8Drawing kittens, part 9Drawing kittens, part 10Drawing kittens, part 11

Ah well, it was a fun exercise, and the day isn’t over yet.

Again, when I was getting into the zone, I saw markings on the paper that weren’t there, but were the markings my subconscious mind told me should be drawn by my pencil. At least, I hope it is my subconscious, and not a hallucination, caused by over-concentration, which can happen at times.

Another observation I did is that it’s a good thing to set aside your initial setup and do something completely else. When you return, you can clearly see the mistakes in the setup much better and correct them. That is important, because much of the rest of the drawing depends on a strong initial sketch.

Anyway, I have to keep practicing, while the clock is ticking. Only 12 days left in November and the day hasn’t many hours left. So out with this post on my blog!

That is all.