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Ten bear heads on one sheet

22 Nov

Ten times the same bear head, all slightly different. It was a fun exercise, but each head required lots of concentration and roughly 10 to 15 minutes. I had to do it in 4 sessions, because I can’t keep concentrated for such a long time in one session.

Preston Blair, part 5

That is all.

Intense kitten sketch

22 Nov

Nothing gets you more in the spirit of drawing than some intense Preston Blair drawings. I haven’t finished those, but I had done enough to get me really focused on a nice sketch of this Bengal kitten, called Kimburu Filfil Falconer.

Drawing kittens, part 14

The sketch wasn’t really constructed, just drawn from reference, as-is. Of course, I had to measure some of the parts, like the overall length of the body, compared to the size of the head. With the Preston Blair drawings still fresh in my mind, including the requirement to see proportions (without that, you cannot make those drawings), it was actually not that difficult.

It seems if you want to improve your art, the best thing you can do is to give yourself a really tough challenge, that requires your complete concentration (no music!), and then return to what you thought was so hard to draw. It suddenly is much easier.

That is all.

Preston Blair heads

22 Nov

While trying to develop my animal characters, and having discovered I’m having problems drawing humans as they would appear if they were a certain animal, I’ve returned to an instructional book written by Preston Blair.

Preston Blair, sketch 4

Obviously, if you try to copy a drawing from a book, you need to place the helper lines at the correct positions. If you don’t (as I hadn’t), the expression becomes completely different. So it seems you have to pay attention to such details if you want a consistent look in your character.

BTW I’m still having problems drawing a circle freehand. I have to turn the paper to check the dimensions and the curves. A typical circle like I used in the sketches above takes 3 to 5 minutes. No circles in one fell swoop at this moment, at least not by me.

That is all.

More kittehs

22 Nov

I found this photo of a kitten (1) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), and I wondered if I could draw a kitten with characteristics of both.

I first tried to change the kitten (3), then the human (4), then a hybrid of the both (5).

Then I drew a new cat with roughly the same characteristics as (5), but more feline (6). Exaggerated, this became (7).

Drawing kittens, part 13

The problem of making animals have human traits has been solved a long time ago (in the 1930s I believe), so perhaps I should study that for my character designs.

That is all.