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Preston Blair inspired, part 9

26 Nov

Some things in drawing are just hard, like going from a basic setup to a full-featured sketch. I guess that requires years of good training and not a few days of trampling around with his pencil by some person who thinks he can draw.

Preston Blair inspired, part 9

Well, at least the drawings are getting better. They are still replicas of the originals, though, and not originals themselves. The problem still is that I can’t imagine a 2D shape as a 3D form. Getting some kind of “wire frame” in my head seems impossible.

Who knows, maybe it is indeed impossible for me. That is worrisome, because I’m already having problems telling stories. What is there left to do for someone who wants to draw comics if he can’t tell original stories and can’t draw original art?

In case you were wondering where part 8 is, I’ve published that on twitpic.

That is all.