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More self portraits in 2-minutes sketches

4 Dec

So I bought 4 brand new HB pencils and drew batches of 4 self portrait sketches in 2 minutes each, each with its own pencil. These are the 41th through 44th sketch in today’s series of self portrait sketches.

Me 6.0

Until now I needed around 30 minutes for a self portrait sketch. Someone suggested that 30 minutes should be more than enough for a full drawing. So I should bring back that time of 30 minutes for a sketch to around 10 s, and effectively draw 180 times faster.

Even speeding up from 30 to 2 minutes (15 times faster) didn’t work. It was much better than yesterday, but I couldn’t get in more than the outline of the head, plus some of the features.

It was a very painful experience, which I hated with a passion. Nevertheless, there is a real improvement, both in line quality and in how I see in 3D perspective.

Because this is such an important skill to have (to see things as 3D objects without thinking about it), I should keep practicing for a few days on my own portrait. I’m not sure if I’ll get a 180 times speed increase in drawing speed, but it should get somewhat better than it is now.

That is all.

Self portrait in 2-minute sketches

4 Dec

Someone suggested to make 10 s sketches, but to begin with 2 minutes sketches first and work my way down to 10 s.

So here are my first four 2 minutes sketches of drawing my self portrait.

Me 5.0

I’m not a fast draftsman, so there was no time to think or judge distances, or anything. Just getting something on paper was a challenge in itself.

The exercise was painfully outside my comfort zone. I would normally take 5 or 10 minutes for these kinds of sketches.

That is all.