Happy holidays

24 Dec

I guess this is someone’s favorite rabbit, which I used to create this sketch. The photo was found on Flickr and I’ve used it to improve my drawing skills.

Rabbit shot

Those skills have improved in the year 2009, so much so, that I’m somewhat confident that in 2010 I could be doing something like illustration work. I still need to develop and fine tune my sense of storytelling for that. So, that illustration work is more likely to be in the second half of 2010.

I’ve also seen a steady growth of the number of visitors to my humble weblog on WordPress.com. Some of them seem to be regular visitors, which is heart warming. As always, most visitors come through Google search and probably visit only once.

Getting attention and keeping it is a hard thing, with so much competition from other bloggers and official websites of old media companies. I’m (unofficially) around 180 unique visitors per day, and would like to grow that number considerably. That would require even more unique content and probably something serialized. We will see.

Happy holidays, everyone and my best wishes for the New Year, and the new decade (although one could argue the new decade starts in 2011, because the first year was the year one, and not the year zero).

That is all.

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