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Brandon Dayton — Drawing LIVE 01/04/10 07:18PM

5 Jan

I saw Brandon Dayton drawing live last night (Brandon, my handle is purplebox). I want to do live drawing as well, so I thought how better than to learn from the pros. Not that Brandon has been live casting that long (this was his second one), but he is a good draftsman and quite open to suggestions and comments of people who are watching on Ustream.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I figured out already how to live cast myself, using CamTwist on the Mac. I also have bought the newest version of ArtRage (version 3 Studio Pro), which I don’t yet master. I’ll have to teach myself ArtRage and how to do a recorded drawing (without being too boring). For now I’ll be practicing with iMovie HD, and learn from the experience. Being shy is still an obstacle, as the foreign language (my native language is Dutch).

In case you were wondering how I was able to include the recording in this post, I used the Vodpod service for WordPress. I copied the embed link for video on Ustream (click the menu button) and put that into the “Post to WordPress” page (accessible via a bookmark on my FireFox bookmark bar), entered my credentials for and pressed the Publish button. You can also send it to the blog post editor, and edit the post on

That is all.