More digital art experiments

7 Jan

The rabbit was created more or less by trial and error. There are three layers to it, a background, which also contains the cast shadow (to give the rabbit weight), and two layers with the rabbit. Those two layers started as one layer, which I duplicated. The bottom one I just blurred (and used a stencil to clean up the outer edges), while the top one got an India Ink treatment (a PS filter by Flaming Pear). I used the India Ink layer to create a stencil, which I used to clean up the edges of the blurred layers. The India Ink layer then got a multiplay layer mode.

I cheated a bit with the creation of the rabbit. I used a reference photo, which I also used as a tracing image. I only used the tracing image to fill out the shape; the innards were done with the reference photo.

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  1. talikatzman January 7, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    Never say cheating when using reference photos,this isnt a math test! :)
    Just kidding,I always use photos to me create something,not on the computer though just a regular drawing.Cute rebbit,I like the blue and pick shades :)

    care to see some of my work?

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