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Drawn live on Ustream

9 Jan
I drew this dino in a practice session on No one watched (because I hadn’t announced anything), but the pressure to get a result was still there. I hope you like it.

Nothing but respect

9 Jan

I tried some live drawing with ArtRage with the online service Ustream and experienced first hand that talking while drawing and keeping track of the chat room isn’t as easy as one might expect from other artists who appear on their own live video channel.

I’m not trying to find excuses, but rather see the obstacles as challenges. The main challenges as I see them are:

  • language (both the speaking itself and the fact that I’m not a native English speaker)
  • experience with the program ArtRage Studio Pro

This means before I go live and record my artistic endeavors, I should train myself on these specific points. And the best way of learning I know is by imitation. So go, Leo Laporte!

Here is a recording of this text, to show you how good (or bad) I currently am in speaking the beautiful English language.

download MP3