Got my msi wind netbook working again

15 Jan

I had installed the latest version of Ubuntu (UNR 9.10 – Karmic Koala) on my netbook, accepted that not everything would work, but got disappointed when at some point even the USB mouse didn’t work anymore. I’ve installed drivers, look on Google (several pages down, not just the first search results), and NOTHING.

No one seemed to have found a solution to get the msi wind netbook to work with Ubuntu as the operating system. But I did! It’s not a driver issue at all. It is a USB setting in the BIOS.

When the computer boots, keep the DEL key pressed, to enter the BIOS menu. Navigate to Advanced – USB Configuration with the cursor keys and press the Enter key. Set the Legacy USB Support to Auto. Now press F10 to save and exit, confirm the pop-up and reboot into Ubuntu. Most of the issues with built-in peripherals not working should be over now.

There is still the issue of the flashing screen (for some reason the screen brightness setting is automatically triggered). My workaround: In the menu bar, right-click on the loudspeaker, navigate into the pane that pops up, and the irritating flashing goes away.

Yeah, I’m a geek.

(Edit January 18, 2010: Not so much, it seems. The web cam functionality is gone again, as is the ability to disconnect and connect an external mouse in a working state, i.e. able to move the cursor on screen. No amount of fiddling with the BIOS USB settings worked this time around.)

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