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How to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

6 Mar

Here are six tutorials I found through a Google search that tell you how you could draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex). Not all are equally useful, but especially the fifth tutorial seems most promising, though the others are good for stylistic choices. The ideal would be to draw from live, but these animals no longer roam the western part of North-America, so working from artist’s impressions is the best one can do without making a life study of drawing this animal based on scientific knowledge.

Number 1. HowStuffWorks – How to Draw Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Easy to follow tutorial in 8 steps. However, it doesn’t teaches you anything about how to draw a T. Rex in any pose or from any direction. Here’s my first attempt.

T-Rex using HowStuffWorks

Number 2. – How to draw a Tyrannosaurus

Although the drawing is much more stylized, the tutorial is not as clear as it could be. And again no hints how to turn this into other poses or perspectives. Here is my first attempt.

T-Rex based on

Number 3. Dinosaur Cartoons – Fun and Games – How to Draw a Cartoon T-Rex

A 26-step Flash cartoon tutorial by Charley Parker, which is very clear to follow. However, no idea how to draw this dino from different sides and doing different things. Here is my first attempt.

T. Rex using Dinosaur Cartoons tutorial

Number 4. Funorma – Learn to draw a dinosaur with Lee J. Ames

Although there is not much text to guide the artist, the drawings are clear enough to understand what should be drawn. I hate to repeat myself, but no indication how to modify this drawing into another pose or perspective. Here is my first attempt.

T. Rex using funorma

Number 5. DragoArt – How To Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

This is a very clear and easy to follow tutorial on how to draw a T. Rex. However, it assumes quite some draftsmanship and modifying is somewhat cumbersome (although not as hard as with the previous tutorials). Here is my first attempt.

T-Rex based on DragoArt tutorial

Number 6. YouTube – How To Draw A T-Rex

Of course, YouTube is a good resource for educational videos, like how to draw a T. Rex. Although at first glance this video seems very instructional, the artist goes through the demonstration so fast, it really isn’t possible to draw along. Here’s my first attempt based on watching the above video. I just couldn’t keep up.

T-Rex based on YouTube sketch demo

Now was it worth doing all those tutorials?

I think it was. Only doing one tutorial is too limiting. My idea is that if you have done several tutorials on a subject like drawing a T-Rex, you’re able to see for yourself what the structures are in this animal and how you could interpret it in your own artistic style.

What other options are there?

Quite frankly, I can see only two. Get some finished artwork and trace that to learn how the shapes are ordered, and try to build from circles (like in the video, but more slowly). I’m trying both, but I need more time to learn how the masses are distributed on this powerful beast.