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Quick Sketches

9 Apr

This week I went several times to the fun fair in my home town and noticed that I’m having problems putting a quick sketch on paper. To both test this assumption and start remedying a possible deficiency in my art skills, I did six 1-minute and two 2-minute sketches. The 1-minute sketches were photos I found via Google Image search of a Persian and Siamese kitten. The 2-minutes sketches was of former President of the USA, Bill Clinton.

Here are the kitten sketches.

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Here’s my attempt at Bill Clinton.

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Especially the Bill Clinton sketches showed me I need to speed things up.

I used a felt pen marker on folded copier paper (A4 format unfolded).

I guess I need to fold this in my daily routine of artistic endeavors, together with a warm-up sketch and a writing exercise.

Warm-up sketch for April 9, 2010

9 Apr

I did another daily recording of my warm-up sketch on my Ustream channel Draw, draw, draw!

This time I went a bit further on the cartoony side of cat drawing. It still has much of the features of the Abyssinian kitten in the reference photo, but with other proportions.

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watch on Ustream

Cute kitten, drawn live on April 9, 2010

And yes, it’s April 9, not 8. I’m just good with dates. Sorry.