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Marble Babies designs

15 Apr

I tried some design sketches for a personal project I’m working on. The sketches themselves have nothing to do with the design, but are just to get some inspiration, and to discover how things work.

Marble Babies design 2010/04/15 sketch 1Marble Babies design 2010/04/15 sketch 2Marble Babies design 2010/04/15 sketch 3

I also recorded some live streaming video of the drawing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Warm-up sketch for April 15, 2010

15 Apr

I did another daily recording of my warm-up sketch, this time on my Livestream channel Draw, draw, draw! (Ustream was unavailable when I wanted to record).

This time two quick loose sketches, which didn’t turn out like I wanted. The first was really loose and off-model, the second was more deliberate, but lifeless.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Cute kitten, drawn life on April 15, 2010 (sketch 1)Cute kitten, drawn life on April 15, 2010 (sketch 2)

I have to do more practice on this “loose drawing” thing, because I’m really bad at it.

P.S. I’ve looked what I did earlier this week, and today’s sketches really were much better. I guess it was the “never good enough” attitude which got me. It often pays to go back to earlier sketches and check if you indeed improved as an artist.