Portrait course lesson # 2

13 Sep

Last week was the trial lesson of the portrait course on my local community college, and today was my first “official” lesson, and lesson number 2 in the series of 30 this course year (October – May). I will be posting updates from this course, so you can see how I (hopefully) progress over the months. The lessons consists of two blocks of an hour, with a 30 minutes coffee/tea break. This gives the model some time to relax, because sitting still for so long isn’t easy.

Today we had a young female model, and I had a hard time getting comfortable with drawing. I’m not used to standing upright while drawing, and most did their drawing standing behind an easel (although some sat down).

Portrait Course 2010/09/13 # 1

1. Here’s the initial pose sketch, which had some flaws, which the instructor pointed out.

Portrait Course 2010/09/13 # 2

2. So the lines ran a bit differently from what I thought I saw. Yes, I was going into the details too soon (again).

Portrait Course 2010/09/13 # 3

3. After some help of the instructor with the eyes and hairline.

Portrait Course 2010/09/13 # 4

4. Toning the skin and adding the hair texture. Notice the hair and skin are “two different worlds”. Their style does not match.

Portrait Course 2010/09/13 # 5

5. After the instructor told me to make the style of the face more like the hair, this was my initial result.

Portrait Course 2010/09/13 # 6

6. My own imagination took over and added a hairband, while the model did not have that. It also taught me the shape of the head and how hair springs when it is tied with a band.

I think this wasn’t bad for a very first time in my life with a live model. I know I have to work on my features and on seeing in three dimensions. I’m still in a 2D mindset from all the drawing using photos as my reference.

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  1. jahhdog September 13, 2010 at 11:24 pm #

    It’s funny but I prefer the picture prior to the instructor telling you to match the style of the face to the hair…


  2. Jose Gonzalez September 14, 2010 at 12:00 am #

    Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s like dropping by the session. I agree with Jahhdog, but your inventiveness changed all that. I really appreciate the lesson, the way that you describe it. Like I said, almost like being there. I hope posting doesn’t take too much out of your time and disposition. I like the way you got to the main points. I also think putting this down on a post is like a review, and analytically speaking, it is very positive. I like # 4 the most because I’m used to leaving them like that. It would seem the rest of the work was more rendering and painting activities. I assume this was done with charcoal, and since I’m not familiar with that method, I have to guess at what can really be done. In the end, the result was great! I think this is a great beginning, and that you will take away the best from this experience (and really get your money’s worth). I’m really happy for you, Rene! Again, thanks for sharing this! If I ever get to a class, I’ll do the same.

  3. René September 14, 2010 at 12:07 am #

    Thanks, gentlemen. I’m still very insecure about drawing from life, so I trusted the instructor, although he told someone else not to trust him, but rather trust the model.

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