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Portrait course, lesson # 5

4 Oct

The instructor didn’t have a model for us this week (they are really hard to get, it seems). So we had to draw each other, full body, instead of the regular portrait drawing. We were 10 students and each of us sat 10 minutes in the middle of the classroom, while the others tried to draw the student. Each of us had to turn a little bit, so we all drew from different angles, but more or less we would draw all angles, be it from different (temporary) models. Since I was one of the students, and I can’t draw myself while I’m posing, there are only 9 drawings.

Here they are.

Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 1Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 2Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 3Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 4Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 5Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 6Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 7Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 8Portrait Course 2010-10-04 # 9

I started posing, and there was a coffee break after 5 sessions. Not all poses went as smoothly as I hoped. I had a tendency to draw freehand and not notice the pose was out of balance (where the head was in relation to the feet). Luckily, the instructor pointed me to these mistakes. The proportions were mostly right after the third sketch.

Although we dearly missed a model, this was still a very useful exercise. There is a body attached to that head. Also, the backside is a side too. I found the front facing pose the most difficult, though.

Afterwards, many told they were exhausted, and that the last two sketches were hard to concentrate on.