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Portrait course, lesson # 7

18 Oct

We had the same model as last time. However, I didn’t feel so good, and drawing was a bit of problem. Somehow I muscled through, but I had to stay until the end for this one. Mistakes galore, I’m afraid.

Portrait Course 2010-10-18 # 1

1. Initial setup, after two failed attempts.

Portrait Course 2010-10-18 # 2

2. Although the model was very punchy, I kept my eye on my drawing.

Portrait Course 2010-10-18 # 3

3. The eyes were too small, so I had to make them bigger.

Portrait Course 2010-10-18 # 4

4. The shape of the eye was all wrong, so I had to adjust that.

Portrait Course 2010-10-18 # 5

5. I had the Cupid’s bow draw the wrong way (to her left, and had to correct that. I also paid attention to the shadows on her left side.

Portrait Course 2010-10-18 # 6

6. After making her face as lifelike as I was able to, it was time to make the hair in the same draw. Here I used the kneaded rubber and charcoal stick alternatively, to give a rough impression of her curly hairdo.