Portrait course, lesson # 9

9 Nov

This week I was a bit absent-minded, so I needed help from my instructor. He redrew the left eye and gave me lots of instructions, because I simply couldn’t see, like my brain was turned into clay. So I didn’t learn much this time, unfortunately. Well, I learned one thing. You need to be on when drawing portraits. You simply can’t phone it in.

Portrait Course 2010-11-08 # 11
1. Like I wrote, I was a bit absent and couldn’t concentrate. Even so, I tried to get a likeness.

Portrait Course 2010-11-08 # 22
2. Luckily, the instructor helped me to get the basics right, because I simply couldn’t.

Portrait Course 2010-11-08 # 33
3. Putting on shadow tones, I saw the shape of the head wasn’t right. So somehow I got into the groove of drawing again.

Portrait Course 2010-11-08 # 44
4. Here the back of the skull was put in, and some indication of the hair was added. Also, as suggested by my instructor, the jaw line and back of the neck was adjusted.

I guess everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I’m glad that I had an instructor to help me through, so I didn’t have to deal with the frustration of failure. Yes, the drawing was a success (sort of), but only because I got so much help. Anyway, I’ll get a rematch next week and the week thereafter, because the model is going to sit for us another two times. Hopefully, next time I’ll be more relaxed and able to concentrate at the task at hand.

Thanks for reading and if you’re anxious to try some portrait drawing yourself, please find a good instructor, because he or she will help you through those days you just don’t see it. It is muscling through the hard times that hardens you for when you’re all on your own and want to draw a portrait even though it seems impossible to complete.


2 Responses to “Portrait course, lesson # 9”

  1. gonzalexx November 9, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Admirable account, step by step, Rene!
    Don’t worry, you know how many drawing mistakes go by, and get posted, because I don’t have an instructor, or someone checking up on me continually? I don’t want to count. I can remember about 3-4 major flaws in my drawing of last night, but I’m keeping on, and counting them as lessons. You are so lucky to have an instructor that can help absorb the lessons to be learned, and give you invaluable advice not found in books, but in real life experience. Any session has good in it, and this one had lots for you and for your readers.
    Great job, Rene! Looking good!

    • Rene November 9, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

      Thanks, man!

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