Portrait course, lesson # 19

31 Jan

We had the same model as last time, and I made sure I was on time and had a good spot close to the model and from the front (more or less). Often I’m late and have to make do with a spot in the back, at an angle, and squinting a lot (yeah, I need glasses).

Portrait Course 2011-01-31 # 11
The initial sketch, to get the features at the correct positions and size. The instructor was more sure about this intermediate step than I was. And indeed, I found a couple of ones the instructor hadn’t noticed at a quick glance (look at the “manly” neck).

Portrait Course 2011-01-31 # 22
Shading with Conté pencil and charcoal. Not much correction by the instructor was needed. I wish I had more time for the hairdo, but there wasn’t any.


2 Responses to “Portrait course, lesson # 19”

  1. gonzalexx January 31, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    Good job, Rene!
    So many things to take care of on a portrait, and time is always a factor, from what I see. Takes a while to concentrate on different aspects and get them right.
    But you got the process down, and its all a matter of time for that perfect finished portrait. Awesome being able to do this, man.

    • Rene January 31, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

      Thanks! My idea is that the model has taken the effort to appear and be presentable, even wear the same clothes as the time(s) before; the least I can do is my utmost best. Models are hard to come by. Who wants to sit still for 2 hours in front of a bunch of amateur artists?

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