Chalk the playground

2 Apr

Yesterday night some youngsters tried to break into an apartment in my flat. Instead of complaining how the neighborhood is going down the drain, I decided to buy some chalk crayons and just draw on the playground behind my flat. It immediately drew the attention of some local kids and soon we were all drawing and covering our hands in chalk.

Chalk elephant
⇧ This young artist drew an elephant on a raft on a river.

Chalk mushroom
⇧ “What is this,” the young artists asked. A mushroom, of course!

Chalk girl
⇧ Give kids a bunch of chalks and they start drawing whatever they want.

Chalk some animal
⇧ Trying to be smart and make fun of the adult is part of the fun!

Chalk boyfriend
⇧ Yes, this young female artist has a secret lover and he is made of chalk!

Chalk bug
⇧ Yes, kids draw bugs. They love bugs!

Chalk mom
⇧ Mother has to be on any chalk drawing fest. She watches over us.

Chalk monkey
⇧ This was my contribution to the chalk fest.

Chalk huh?
⇧ Don’t know what this is, but what the hey, it’s not about the result. It’s about having fun!

Chalk me some sidewalk
⇧ Neighbors being amazed about so much artistry in their backyard.

Chalk firebreathing cat
⇧ Just something that came out of my imagination. The kids didn’t seem to have any problems with it, so I shouldn’t feel shy to do the same.

Chat imitated firebreathing cat
⇧ She wanted to draw what I had drawn. A copycat, so to say. It made me smile!

Chalk the playground
⇧ Usually this playground is used by 20-somes to play soccer with their buddies. Today the chalk army of artists had taken over!

It only lasted an hour and since it was on a playground, the drawing fest ended with a football match between the artists. I’m sure we all had a ball.

2 Responses to “Chalk the playground”

  1. gonzalexx April 2, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    Great show, Rene!
    Kids will always inspire us! And its so much fun to watch them let their uninhibited creativity take flight.
    It also freshens up our muse.
    Glad you could do this, Rene.

    • Rene April 2, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

      Thanks, Jose!

      I want to do this more often. It’s very tiring, though. Kids are so full of energy!

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