Chalk sketches

5 Apr

I’m trying to get better at my art. I hope to impress people when I will be doing it with an audience. Until then, I’m kind of doing stealth drawing, with little or no audience. Practice, you know.

Chalk Kangaroo
⇧ My first piece of street art of today was not far from where I live, in a city park called after a famous Dutch writer (A.M. De Jong). Yes, it’s a kangaroo, apt for the stairs leading to the park itself.

Chalk goat
⇧ Here I stood in an outer part of my home town that is still grazed by cows. There might be goats as well. To remember cyclists driving by I drew this goat in chalk.

While I was a bit nervous each time I started drawing, I forgot about the initial anxiety once I got into the groove. Art demands full attention!

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