Portrait Course, lesson # 27

11 Apr

I have practiced inking since the previous time I did an ink drawing of this male model, and I think it had its effect. My lines were much more deliberate (which is a good thing in inking).

Portrait Course 2011-04-11 # 1
⇧ With only a small correction of the (model’s) right glass of the spectacles, I made this preparatory sketch for my ink drawing. I used 2H lead, because it doesn’t smear as much as the HB and B-type leads. My digital camera had a hard time picking up the lighter lines.

Portrait Course 2011-04-11 # 2
⇧ I needed 45 minutes (out of an hour) to ink the sketch. Alas, my instructor is a fine artist and has little experience with contour drawing, which is more illustration than fine art.

As always there were parts I was satisfied with and then there were parts that I would do differently next time. Fortunately, the good parts were in the majority.


2 Responses to “Portrait Course, lesson # 27”

  1. Jose Gonzalez April 12, 2011 at 12:51 am #

    I think you found a great process for yourself, Rene. It seems to suit you. Great piece!

  2. Rene April 12, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    Thanks, Jose. Yes, I like this kind of outline drawing from life. And since you should do what you love in art in order to keep going, I’m continuing in this direction.

    Thanks again for reading my post and commenting.

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