Chalk garden

1 May

With all the nastiness going on in the socially challenged neighborhood I live in, I decided it was time again to do some street art to give people something else to think about then how to get even with others. It’s a small contribution, but other than calling the police for dealing with the most egregious offenders of neighborly peace, I can do little. People are still responsible for their own actions, how stupid those may be.

This time I drew a garden with flowers and insects. Nothing fancy, basic stuff. There are a butterfly, a beetle and a bee, and some non-specific flowers. I didn’t plan this out, but went along with the flow. Alas, it was a bit hard to take a picture. I tried stitching it together with panorama software, but it got confused (no sky), so this video was the best I could do with the photos I made in a grid.

Unfortunately, this time no one was creating with me. I suppose that’s because many parents with children have packed their things and went on vacation. It are the kids that stay at home during school vacation which worry me. They tend to suffer in learning abilities, because they basically do nothing to keep their brains occupied.

So sad.

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