Weekly writing assignment

29 May

The idea was to have a writing assignment, so I could write every day, well, work on storytelling every day. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but I did write several days of past week.

Here’s the assignment, handwritten on my iPad.


I wrote three versions. Version 1 I had already put on my blog, so I’ll put versions 2 and 3 in this post.

Version 2

Hank was fed up with always being the underdog. He knew Jim was stronger and Peter smarter, but still he wanted to win this round. When Jim did his snatching trick and was ready to pass the ball, Hank simply stayed very close to Peter. So he got the ball. But how was he supposed to reach the top of the hill? He passed the ball back to Jim.

“What’s up,” asked Peter. “I don’t like this game,” answered Hank, “I always play second fiddle.” Hank sat down and Peter joined him. Jim walked toward them and said: “This is no fun.” “No it isn’t. What do we do now,” asked Peter. “Let’s tell a story,” Hank said in excitement.

A dragon slayer was called in to save a princess, held captive by a ferocious dragon. When he met with the king, he saw a wizard already present. They would both try to save the princess, and whoever succeeded, got to marry her.

The dragon slayer attacked head on. He rushed towards the dragon, but couldn’t defeat it. “Keep the dragon busy and I will put a sleeping spell on it,” shouted the wizard from outside the dragon’s lair. “If he falls asleep he’ll block the passage and we’ll never get the princess out,” shouted the slayer back. “Well, then grab the princess, fight the dragon for as long as you can while I do my chanting,” shouted the wizard over the sound of the roaring dragon, which was clearly ready to strike the final blow and kill his opponent. “Alright,” the slayer shouted. He grabbed the girl and pushed her outside the cave.

“So long, suckers,” shouted Hank, while he held the princess-ball firmly in his hands.

He stood on top of the hill.

Version 3

A storm was brewing. “Shouldn’t we be going home,” Hank asked. “We’ll do fine,” said Peter, trying to reassure his friend. “Yeah, let’s play,” shouted Jim. They threw the ball in the air and… it didn’t return. It seemed like it had vanished.

“Where is the ball,” asked Jim, looking at Peter. “How would I know,” said Peter, “I’m as baffled as you are.” Hank shivered and said: “I don’t like this. Let’s go home.” “Not until I have my ball back,” said Peter. “What he said,” said Jim, “and I want to win this time. We stay!”

They heard a loud sharp noise, getting louder and sharper. They jumped away from where they stood. Suddenly there was a crash and mud sprayed on their faces. Something had fallen out of the sky and it surely wasn’t their ball.

There was a golden egg, with its pointed side clearly visible. When they slowly walked towards it, it started to crack. “What the…,” said Jim, but before he could end his sentence, the egg had cracked open and out crawled a pink animal. It looked like a …

“Dragon,” shouted Hank in excitement, “a baby dragon.” The dragon turned red in its face, then purple and started to make choking noises. “I go watched this on top of the hill, safe from that, that monster!”

While Jim walked away, Peter said to Hank: “I think it has to burp. You hold it and I pat it on it back.” So they did. The baby dragon burped, but not just a burp, but a small flame, like a cigarette lighter. It spread its wings and flew to Jim. As Jim was trying to catch it, it had turned into a ball.

Jim stood on top of the hill.

Now you can ask yourself why put this rough writing on your blog? Well, I do have a problem with keeping to a schedule. I should have gone to the dentist more than a year ago, but for some reason I keep finding excuses not to go. So I need something to trick my mind (for the dentist, put it on my calendar to make an appointment, with an alert 30 minutes before).

We keep finding excuses, so we need a way to hack around our mind’s limitations (the lizard brain hates changes and prefers a status quo). There are other reasons why it’s hard for me personally, but I won’t get into that, because it’s personal.

Once I’ve written the next assignment on my little iPad, I’ll create a new blog post. This will be later today, or early tomorrow, depending on how creative I feel. Point is that I have Monday through Friday to do something with storytelling, and for now use the weekends to somewhat recover.

I curious, what ways have you found around procrastination, other than what I’m doing (blogging about it)? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments, so we can learn more about strategies to keep going, despite lack of motivation.

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