Going extreme

20 Jun

It is said you should push your design, but few say how to do it. I’m curious, so I tried the method of overlaying a sheet of paper on a design to use for a next design. I’m not sure if it’s the best method, but it is a method that seems to work.

Too extreme? 2011/06/20

⇧ This guy with an afro popped out of my head, but was it as extreme as I thought it was?

Extremer 2011/06/20

⇧ I put a piece of paper on top of the previous drawing and made it more extreme. Surely, this is as far as I could go, isn’t it?

Yet extremer 2011/06/20

⇧ While I had already fattened the original guy with an afro up, but I could go more extreme yet. This guy is overflowing with fat tissue.

This was a fun exercise!

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