Clothed figure sketch 31

1 Jul

To keep pushing my drawing skill, I did another figure sketch with a camera recording it. As always, I’m easily distracted and things didn’t turn out as expected. Nevertheless, I soldiered through and even did a somewhat decent voice over.

Here is the scanned sketch.

Clothed figure sketch 31 - 2011/07/01

I’m wondering if I should do two or more versions of a sketch, because I can see so many things wrong with this one. It might be the recording equipment (rather the fact that it’s being recorded, which makes me nervous), or just the lack of a proper workflow during the sketch.

So many things to think about while drawing. And yes, I see that both feet should have been drawn touching a floor. I wonder why I can’t think of such things while I’m drawing. Maybe 17 minutes is still too fast and I need to take breaks between the separate steps.

Ah well, progress is slow. I’ll get there, eventually.

Thanks for reading.

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