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Things I made that stood out – July 2011

4 Aug

We are in August now, so I guess it’s good to take a little step back and see what drawings I made in the previous month stand out to me and why.

Chibi girl 2011/07/07

An artist I follow on Livestream is Hitomi. While she drew in Easy Paint Tool SAI, I drew along in pencil on paper. This is so different from what I normally draw, that I think it stands out only for that.

My Little Chicken 2011/07/09

Inspired by watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on YouTube, and how my brain works, I drew this My Little Chicken. I did quite some digital clean up, while retained as much of the sketchy character of the original as I could. For me it popped out between the images, so that’s why I picked it.

Fashion dog 20110709

This was a combination of two things, the clothed figure sketches I was doing for quite some time now and the Preston Blair exercises I’m doing since July, after a long hiatus. It stood out to me, because it’s so imaginative.

Cry of hopelessness 2011/07/11

This cry of hopelessness was one from the heart. I would like to do so much more, but something is holding me back. I know what it is and that I can’t do anything about it: personal limitations.

Daily scribble for 2011/07/15

Here’s a digital drawing that totally stood out for me. Although there are several things wrong with it, the fun of the subject jumps out at you. These are festive mice!

Enter the dragon 2011/07/19

This was my contribution to Tuesday Sketch 2. The subject was Bruce Lee. Others seemed to like it, so that’s good enough for me.


This stood out to me, because it was drawn on an iPad with the app Procreate. It encapsulates what I was busy with at that time (drawing horses, inspired by MLP).

Cat doing duck things 20110731

This one, titled Cat Doing Duck Things, stood out to me, because it started a new mini-project for me, trying to redraw a pose drawn by Carl Barks, of Donald Duck comics fame. His poses are clear as water. If I only could approach 10 % of his level of craftsmanship, I’d have a career in cartooning.

That’s it folks!