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Big Schtick – Motivation

8 Aug

Big Schtick - Motivation

Welcome to my first ever web comic! It’s going to be a rough ride, since I’m new to this. The comic combines two passions, drawing and running. It appears both in Dutch on my Dutch blog about my running hobby and in English on this blog, “So Much to Do, So Little Time.”

Runners all had their reasons to start running and especially keeping at it. It’s a serious commitment and it isn’t all fun, but the return on investment is great, since you have more energy in your daily life and most runners like to commiserate about their hobby (for most it is a hobby, not something they earn money with, or too little to matter much).

In this week’s comic you can read some of my reasons. My father died from a heart condition, while my mother had a propensity to be obese. Combined they offer a challenge, which I hope to overcome by keeping fit, although there’s always this fear I’ll get sick from overeating, which I do on occasion.

I hope you like the comic strip and keep reading it.