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Big Schtick – Information = Knowledge

15 Aug

Big Schtick - Information = Knowledge

Many runners pride themselves in their achievements. They keep track of the speed, distance and how often they train. It sometimes seems to take on a life of its own. Stats don’t make you a better runner, running does.

Okay, okay. I used to think having fun while running is the only thing that counts, but I too have fallen prey to the soothing words of marketers and have bought equipment to keep track of my achievements. Now I can share with like-minded people.

However, it’s not the same as actually running. I mean looking back at what you have done is different from being in the moment. This may sound very Zen-like or hifalutin, but it’s not meant that way. Having fun while doing something and not having to justify your actions is liberating. In most things we do in life, we are dependent on others. However, when we run, we propel our bodies by pushing against Mother Earth and we do it on our own. This is what is so fun about running. At least for me and if I listen to other runners, for many of them as well.

That doesn’t stop me being competitive, though. I enter road races with the intention to beat others. However, it’s all in fun and play, since there’s no money involved (at least, not at the level I’m running). It’s largely pretending to be better than others.

I hope you like the comic and keep reading it. Until next week!