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1 Oct

My sister breeds Bengal cats for a hobby (a serious hobby, involving serious money, but a hobby nonetheless). She doesn’t keep her cats indefinitely, but gives them good homes, so she can keep improving her “stock”.

Anyway, she posted a photo the new owner took of one of those re-homed cats. I decided to use it for my process of silhouetting. The silhouette on the left was drawn first, copied as a layer and then lighter colors were drawn on top of it.


I concentrated on the face and made the rest rather sketchy (or is that sloppy?). It’s not a 100 % accurate reproduction of the original pose, nor even close to the rendering of the photo. So I think this still means I used the photo as a reference, a close reference, though.


19 Feb


Based on this tweet:

A grumpy cat walks and a jolly mouse hops into a bar. The cats ask: “What will it be? If you say CHEESE I will eat you!” #areyouamanoramouse

I know it’s rough, but that is the fun of it.

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011

2 Feb

This time I wanted to draw a Persian kitten. After some warm-up sketches, I draw a more realistic kitten and in the nick of time I draw a cartoon of a Persian kitten. Yes, Persian cats are known for their lack of activity and tardiness.

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011 # 1

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011 # 2

Pencilcast for January 19, 2011

19 Jan

I was trying to draw a cartoon version of a Siamese cat, based on a more realistic version, which isn’t really that easy, as it turned out. I needed more sketches than I show here below, as you can see in the video.


Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 1
⬆ First attempt at drawing a Siamese cat in a pose from a reference photo.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 2
⬆ A somewhat more stylized version of a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 3
⬆ Pushing the stylization even more, making it less realistic looking, but still recognizable as a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 4
⬆ After doing the stylized version, I dialed it a bit back to realism. It is still a rough sketch, which needs a lot of development and drawing.

Warm-up sketch for August 14, 2010

14 Aug

This is today’s warm-up sketch.

Warm-up sketch

I did a brief recording while doing this sketch. The intention was to keep it under 5 minutes, but I went 2 minutes over that. The audio is very rough, although I tried to clean it up. Next time I’ll be using my headset to have a cleaner audio source.

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