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New Year’s resolutions

5 Jan

I just finished doing a little write-up about what I hope to accomplish in 2012 for personal fitness, artist endeavors and creativity. I encourage you to go read it on my brand new blog.


Pencilcast Ramblings: Episode 0009 – Skype test call

1 Apr

Yes, this is a lame Skype test call. But it’s audio and I’m in it, so there!

And she does have such a lovely voice. I believe I called her a million times already.

So many podcasts to distract me

18 Nov

Here is a list of the 52 podcasts I regularly listen to/watch at this moment:

  1. Accident Hash
  2. Animation Podcast
  3. Brain Science Podcast with Dr. Ginger Campbell
  4. Buzz Out Loud
  5. Channel Frederator
  6. Comedy4cast
  7. commandN
  8. Core Intuition
  10. Deconstructing Comics
  11. Design Guy
  12. Digital Flotsam
  13. Digital Story
  14. FLOSS Weekly
  15. Gear Media Tech
  16. Get You Geek On! Triathlon Podcast
  17. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  18. Home Network and Computer Help
  19. I should Be Writing 2.0
  20. Industry Misinterpretations
  21. InSightCruises News-es
  22. iPhone Alley Podcast
  23. IT Conversations
  24. Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy
  25. Mac MediaCast
  26. Mac Roundtable Podcast
  27. MacBreak Weekly
  28. MacCast
  29. MacVoices
  30. Managing the Gray – Marketing for the New Media Professional
  31. Net@night
  32. NewMediaGear
  33. One Minute How-To
  34. Podcast411
  35. Python411
  36. Real Deal
  37. Reason Driven Podcast
  38. Robots – Podcast for News and Views on Robotics
  39. Runners Roundtable
  40. Scam School
  41. Science Talk: Podcast of Scientific American
  42. Senachai
  43. Security Now!
  44. Sendung mit der Maus
  45. Tekzilla Daily Tip
  46. This Week in Django
  47. this WEEK in TECH
  48. Today in iPhone Podcast
  49. Total Podcastraphe
  50. Unofficial Apple Weblog (
  51. 4 Feet Running
  52. 60-Second Science

That is all.

Hello world!

18 Oct

This is the place where I tell about myself. It is not going to change the world as a whole, but it will tell you what changed in my world.