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Preston Blair heads

22 Nov

While trying to develop my animal characters, and having discovered I’m having problems drawing humans as they would appear if they were a certain animal, I’ve returned to an instructional book written by Preston Blair.

Preston Blair, sketch 4

Obviously, if you try to copy a drawing from a book, you need to place the helper lines at the correct positions. If you don’t (as I hadn’t), the expression becomes completely different. So it seems you have to pay attention to such details if you want a consistent look in your character.

BTW I’m still having problems drawing a circle freehand. I have to turn the paper to check the dimensions and the curves. A typical circle like I used in the sketches above takes 3 to 5 minutes. No circles in one fell swoop at this moment, at least not by me.

That is all.

Scruffy dog

9 Aug

Inspired by the Preston Blair cartoon drawings of yesterday, I decided to draw some dogs from reference photos. Because the first cartoon in Preston Blair’s book was some kind of mutt, I decided to look for “scruffy dog” on Flickr, using zFlick as my search application.

Here is the first sketch, which I found quite fun to do, although the dog would fall over if he’d really would stand like that.

Scruffy dog, part 1

Taking that into account, I drew another scruffy dog.

Scruffy dog, part 2

I even shot a time-lapse movie of it while I was drawing it. The movie was made with my Canon ixus digital camera on a tripod (zoomed in on my sketchpad), using Apple iMovie as my movie editor and MPEG Streamclip to convert the Quicktime movie into H.264 for YouTube.

I dread making those time-lapse recordings, because they eat a lot of time out of your day, which I’d rather spend drawing. I wanted to show you how I’m drawing, though, so I guess that is why I did it.

That is all.

A cat, a mouse and the Force

21 Jul

A non-suspecting cat comes across this Jedi-mouse. This pussycat is getting slammed big time if he doesn’t control what comes natural to cats. I’m not sure he’s aware of that.

A cat, a mouse and the Force

That is all.


15 Jul

To improve my skills on stylization, I wanted to draw a stylized version of a rhinoceros, based on a photo of an actual rhino. In the original the animal was pointed in the other direction.


I think the stylization went pretty well.

That is all.

Today’s drawing treasures

13 Jul

Instead of putting each drawing in a separate post, I thought it would be more efficient (though less nice on the stats) to put all my drawings of today in one single big post. I’ve drawn more than what I show here, by the way.

I tried some experiments with lettering and fonts. This is nothing serious, just playing with letters.

letters, part 2

While this pencil sketch was nice, the next ink sketch is much nicer, I think.

letters, part 3

Then a cat came lying next to me. Natasha is a rather shy cat, but lately she seems to trust me more. Must have something to do with the mild diet I’ve put her on, so she’ll loose weight. Cats are like that, I guess. Anyway, she did let me sketch her.

cats, part 17

After all that sketching, I thought it was time for a somewhat more formal drawing, an unknown face, after a photo I found on Flickr, using the free too zFlick.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 185

Although I used a photo as reference, I tried to simplify the drawing, to give it a more cartoony look than what I normally do with a pencil sketch.

That is all.

Quick and not so quick sketch

12 Jul

I decided to draw my cats. One cat is not really into posing, and the other is really active, but he’ll poses when he has something to do, like drinking from a water tap.

Quick and not so quick sketch

I guess you can clearly see where I had more time to make the sketch.

That is all.

Cosy cat

9 Jul

I only had time for one drawing one this busy day, and I picked one of my dear cats as the subject. Not a literal drawing, but an interpretation based on observation.

Cosy cat

This drawing was mostly drawn on paper, only limited digital manipulation was done.

That is all.