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Beardus Maximus fan art, day 23

28 Oct

This ink drawing is loosely based on this photo by bitterlemon, made on the Alternative Press Expo 2009.

The drawing is made to support the sale of the collected trade comic book of PC Weenies, a webcomic by Krishna Sadasivam, for Geeks and people who can tolerate them.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 23

Challenged by his fellow comics creators and while he even doesn’t like it, Krishna grows a beard. Read more about it, and how you can support the artist in this post on his blog. Basically, for each copy of the trade comic book “Rebootus Maximus” sold through the website Krishna won’t shave for a day. Let him look like a hobo and freak out his wife, who is currently on family visit for a few months in India.

Process: The drawing was penciled with blue Pentel lead and inked with Faber-Castell brush pens (big the regular and big size). Once scanned, the blue lines were removed (CMYK separation) and the grays of the ink were converted into pure black and white, using Levels.

That is all.