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Art and Story Mug

31 Oct

Acts speak louder than words! Buy a “Don’t Draw Like My Buddy” mug today. Do it now!

Art & Story Mug

Go to Art & Story podcast to listen, or go directly to their Zazzle store to buy the merchandise.

That is all.


Double Zazzle Goodness

30 Oct

Two comics creators and podcasters, Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph have a podcast about making comics, called the Art & Story podcast. To support the podcast, they ask for donations, but you can also buy stuff through their Zazzle store. Now Zazzle is present on different continents, including Europe and North America. So the shipping costs are always very reasonable.

Double Zazzle Goodness

I’ve bought two designer mugs. The one on the left is art by the comics character Jared, the “Jared Comic” mug, and on the right you see the original “Don’t Draw Like My Buddy!” mug with Jerzy visible on this side (Mark is on the other side).

Now my coffee is going to taste even better, doubly better!!

That is all.

Big Art & Story Party Time

28 Oct

Inspired by listening to the crossover show between the Art & Story and Big Illustration Party Time podcasts, called the Big Art & Story Party Time, I drew this piece of text art.

Big Art & Story Party Time

It took me as long to create as the listening time of Art & Story Party Time, part 6. I first penciled, then inked using both the small and big version of the Faber-Castell brush pen.

That is all.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 9

14 Oct

Listening to the Art & Story podcast, crossed over with the Big Illustration Party Time podcast, I suddenly saw something interesting to do in comics. Draw one step in one page spread over different frames, illustrating how it feels to take one step. I threw in a drawing of Rowan Atkinson for good measure.

Beardusmaximus fan art, day 9

This fan art was made for one purpose only: to save Krishna’s beard. Read this blogpost on PC Weenies for more explanation.

That is all.

Several cartoons

21 May

Today I made a few cartoons, to get more into the process of inking and digital coloring.

The first cartoon is based on Mark Rudolph mentioning “Walrusman” in episode 55 of the Art & Story podcast in a conversation with Jerzy Drozd. I pencilled the sketch while I was listening to the podcast.


I’ve bought a book about perspective that was specifically written for comic book and strip artists. The book is in graphic novel format. I thought how I could reverse the perspective of a panel in this book, make a hand that is far away bigger than a hand that is closer by.

Professional 3D perspective... NOT

I have both a Facebook and a tumblr account, and I find both not very useful, because it takes away so much of my time I would rather spend on drawing. It inspired me to make this rebus (puzzle, where pictures represent words).

Tumblr or Facebook

That is all.