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Live drawing on Ustream on February 13, 2010

14 Feb

Just wanted to let you know that on my other blog, Pencilcast, there is a post about a live drawing I did on Ustream. Click on the image to go there.

Fun with overlay layer mode

21 Jan

I played a bit with the overlay mode here. After I filled the shape, I put a layer on top of it, with an overlay mode for that layer. Now I could paint with shadows (well, with any color, everything turns in a shade of the color underneath). As a painting program I used ArtRage 3 Studio Pro.

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Anatomy of the PURR drawing

17 Jan

I made a drawing/painting in ArtRage 3 Studio Pro in 7 layers (6 paint layers and 1 text layer). I’ve used the pen, fill, spray and crayon tools, plus I used the blur effect on layers 1 and 2. Layer 3 had an overlay layer mode. This wasn’t a particular method to it, just some experimentation and loads of fun.

PURR - layer 1
layer 1
PURR - layer 2
layer 2
PURR - layer 3
layer 3
PURR - layer 4
layer 4
PURR - layer 5
layer 5
PURR - layer 6
layer 6
PURR - layer 7 (text layer)
layer 7
PURR - complete


16 Jan

To find a productive method for illustration in ArtRage I tried these fishes. The inking was done with the preset no aliasing, which allowed me to create clean fills. If need be I could blur the black ink layer afterwards, to give a more traditional look and feel.

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Some Preston Blair inspired sketches

12 Jan

I watched Brandon Dayton demonstrate how to paint a character using Photoshop. It was great, but the thing was that he was live on his Ustream channel at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/whistling-cloud from 3 to 5 AM (my) local time. So this morning I got up at 10 AM after only 4.5 hours of sleep. This meant the drawing on my Ustream channel was full of crap. I didn’t bother to record, I just wanted to force myself to draw “something” today, even if my brain wasn’t awake. My live Ustream channel is at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pencilcast The object was to do some Preston Blair inspired drawings.

I have to get a good night’s sleep and then I’ll be fine, not like I’m feeling right now.

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Donkey design

10 Jan
I tried to draw this donkey from two sides. Nothing special, just a lot of fun.

More digital art experiments

7 Jan

The rabbit was created more or less by trial and error. There are three layers to it, a background, which also contains the cast shadow (to give the rabbit weight), and two layers with the rabbit. Those two layers started as one layer, which I duplicated. The bottom one I just blurred (and used a stencil to clean up the outer edges), while the top one got an India Ink treatment (a PS filter by Flaming Pear). I used the India Ink layer to create a stencil, which I used to clean up the edges of the blurred layers. The India Ink layer then got a multiplay layer mode.

I cheated a bit with the creation of the rabbit. I used a reference photo, which I also used as a tracing image. I only used the tracing image to fill out the shape; the innards were done with the reference photo.

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