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Introducing: Art & Story Supreme

23 Mar

A&S Extreme!! dedicated to me!

8 Jan

I posted on Twitter that A&S Extreme!! was becoming too long and too much like the regular Art & Story show. So both Jerzy and Mark took that to heart and started with a more offbeat topic (what movies to take on a desert island).

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You can say whatever you want, but I had a blast, and most who watched and participated in the chat did so too. This is so much better than the show on Talkshoe (audio only).

Imagined versus referenced

25 Sep

I decided to compare how I did pure from imagination versus from a photograph on the computer screen. The subject was laughter. Why? Because this week’s episode of the Art & Story podcast gave me the gift of laughter. I finally understand why Jerzy laughs so much on the show. If you start making stories in your head and come across absurd situations, you can’t help but laugh out loud. I have never laughed so much on one day. Thanks, Jerzy and Mark for pointing me in the right direction towards telling your own comics stories.

More caricature prep, part 11 (version 11)More caricature prep, part 11 (version 12)

Both drawings need a bit of exaggeration, a bit of that absurdity that made me laugh out loud several times. I guess it is the statement caricaturists like to put in their artwork, not to make fun of someone in a harmful way, but to entertain people, make them loose themselves for a brief moment in a situation that is completely outside what we perceive as reality and would classify as preposterous and laughable, but still conforms to logic and reasoning. Humor is a very serious business and requires a lot of thinking on the part of the creator. It has to make sense, but be impossible at the same time. It is this contradiction which gives humor life.

That is all.

12/12 Mini comic number 1

17 May

12/12 mini comic number 1

This mini comic is based on the 12/12 mini comic project by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph of the Art & Story podcast in which you have to draw a comic in no more than 2 hours with three subjects in mind, for instance news stories in a newspaper. The idea is that you do it all analog (on paper). I modified it a bit, by doing the coloring digitally.

And you have to do it in six panels only. Talk about restriction! That is hard, but it forces you to pick your panels carefully. The panels I drew were only 45 mm tall and 50 mm wide, so there’s not much room for detail.

Okay, it sucks, art-wise, but this isn’t about art. It is about learning to tell a story with words and pictures.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 147

15 May

While I was drawing this laughing boy from a photo, I was listening to the Art & Story podcast, a wonderful podcast about creating comics (something I aspire to be doing in the near future, once I have mastered a set of basic drawing skills).

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 147

Before I started, I studied the pose of the boy as closely as I could. How are the masses in his face and head distributed? If the head is a cube, how is it oriented in space? Were is the line that runs through the root and base of the nose (dividing the head in two equal parts)? Were is the base of the nose, and how does it relate to the base of the ear? How does the lower jaw line run, from the chin to where the ear shell is attached to the skull? Where are the eyes in relation to the nose? Etcetera, etcetera.

I guess I spent 30 minutes only on those kinds of considerations. After that prep work I was so invested in the drawing, that I was able (with the help of Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph of the Art & Story podcast) to spend 90 minutes on the sketch. The only problems I had were the exact shape of the mouth, the size of the ear (especially the width) and how to indicate the hairdo without drawing individual hairs or even locks of hair. I’m not completely satisfied with the mouth shape, nor with how I drew the boy’s hairdo. The ear is one of the best I’ve drawn so far in the 4-plus months I’m drawing practically daily.

That is all.