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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 41

13 Apr

You may call me naive, but drawing children from above is really hard. Still, it is the obvious way to take a snapshot of your child. Lowering your perspective isn’t want most people who use cameras think of. If the child is in the frame, all is well.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 41

Only, why was this photo tagged Saxomaphone? I have no idea. Ah well, this post is also tagged with that neologism from the Simpsons. If I recall correctly, Homer says the word almost inaudible through his teeth, because he is mad about the instrument being so expensive.

I found the photo this sketch is based on via the Flickr photo search engine, on the keyword “Saxomaphone”.

That is all.


Drawing Unknown Faces, part 27

9 Apr

I had to have another go at this drawing of children. Those cute eyes are so, well cute, that my eyes are drawn to them, no matter what. So I tend to draw them too big, or overcompensate by drawing them too small.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 27

I tried another approach, by squinting my eyes and look where the overall locations of the shapes were. This also seems to suppress the inborn tendency for seeing cuteness instead of what’s really to be seen. This worked much better than drawing with open eyes the whole session.

Of course, there were obligatory mistakes, like the forehead not tall enough and the chin too close to the nose. Those are easy to correct, though.

This sketch is based on a photo grabbed from the Flickr public timeline.

That is all.

Baby boy

12 Mar

I found this photo of a toddler boy in one of the free ad papers you get in your mailbox (snail mail).

I needed around 60 minutes to complete this sketch.

Baby Boy

I think this drawing is quite good for someone who still calls himself a beginner.

That is all.