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Sketching a bear

28 Dec

Trying out the iPod Touch again, using the free Justin TV app. It clearly has network problems, which hopefully will be resolved in time. The stuttering of the video is a symptom of packets not arriving in time over the wifi network.

Anyway, the sitting bear sketch went surprisingly well, and quick too. I made a mistake, which I could have prevented by being more methodical. I promise to change my ways and do better in the future.

Sketch of a sitting bear

Thanks for reading and until the next blog post!

Drawing bears, part 3

24 Dec

So this was going to be a longer drawing session on Justin TV, like the ones I did earlier this year on Ustream. The subject was, not surprisingly, bears.

You can find the recorded videos of this live drawing session on Justin TV and an edited version on YouTube.

Drawing bears, part 3 (drawing 1)
This was a kind of “warm-up sketch”, using an illustration from Ken Hultgren’s book “The Art of Animal Drawing.”

Drawing bears, part 3 (drawing 2)
Using this photo on Flickr, I drew a Grizzly bear from photo reference.

Quick bear sketch from reference

22 Dec

After trying to understand how foreshortening works on bears, I decided to draw a bear from reference. Although, not a full drawing, just a quick sketch, because I haven’t gone into the details of the animal yet. Getting the big shapes right is what I’m worried with right now, so that’s what I did in this video.

You can watch the video on Justin.tv or YouTube.

Sketching a bear from reference

Thanks for reading and watching my video and drawing.

Drawing a bear from a tutorial

21 Dec

Getting the kinks out of my live streaming process, I do a short tutorial on how to draw a bear-like shape. I based it on a tutorial by J.C. Amberlyn, from a Dutch-language book I found for little money in a bookstore.

You can watch the video on Justin TV or YouTube

Here are the drawings I did in the recording.

bear tutorial 2010-12-21 # 1 bear tutorial 2010-12-21 # 2

Charging Bear

20 Aug

After a frustratingly failed warm-up sketch, I created this drawing on my iPad.


Brushes on the iPad has a wonderful feature to record your drawing and export it as an action file. I used it to create this short video clip on YouTube.

I recorded this short Audioboo about why and how I made this drawing.

listen to it on Audioboo.fm

I was so pleased, that I printed it out and hung it on the wall.

Ten bear heads on one sheet

22 Nov

Ten times the same bear head, all slightly different. It was a fun exercise, but each head required lots of concentration and roughly 10 to 15 minutes. I had to do it in 4 sessions, because I can’t keep concentrated for such a long time in one session.

Preston Blair, part 5

That is all.

Drawing animals

15 Aug

In roughly 50 minutes I made three sketches, based on illustrations in the book The Art of Drawing Animals by Ken Hultgren. I started with the skeleton of a horse, constructed using the instructions in the book. It was done in carpenter’s pencil.

Horse skeleton, part 3

Not particularly impressed by the result, I tried some sketches of a tired horse.

Horse, part 1

That didn’t really jazz, so I tried some other animals.

Animals, part 1

It was somewhat better, but not by much. This technique of drawing by construction is just too new for me. I have to take the time to get comfortable with it. Until now, I’ve more drawn from observation.

That is all.