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Caricature for an avatar

4 Jan

I wanted a new avatar for my Twitter and Facebook accounts, so I used my recently bought copy of Art Rage 3 Studio Pro to create one myself.

Caricature for an avatar

While this version might not look very impressive, the versions at a reduced size is not bad at all.

That is all.

It’s a Molly-Rant

3 Nov

Okay, I’ll admit it. It was Molly Wood, of the Buzz Out Loud podcast.

It's a Molly-Rant

The strange thing is, though, that I didn’t use the reference photo to create this drawing. It seems that sometimes a reference photo is more of a hinderance than a useful tool.

That is all.

Anonymous female podcaster

3 Nov

After having listened to a popular podcast, I decided to try a caricature of the ranting female host of that podcast. However, it didn’t turn out that well, so I won’t reveal who it is.

Famous female podcaster, part 1

I tried to draw a caricature of her anyway, but even that didn’t succeed.

Famous female podcaster, part 2

No, I’m not dissing someone by publicizing a bad portraiture.

And if you happen to know who this is supposed to look like, I’m not as bad a draftsman as I thought.

That is all.

Caricature of Mart van Aalst

28 Oct

Saw this person in my local newspaper, and I was in a drawing mood, so I decided to draw him as a caricature sketch. Not bad since it is only my second caricature ever.

Caricature of Mart van Aalst

That is all.

Adam Curry, part 2

23 Oct

I can appreciate why comics creators rather not design new characters. It is a lot of pain before you get it right. A lot of lazy sketching and not so lazy sketching.

Adam Curry, part 2

The doodle at the right top was done in pencil. The caricature was done with Faber-Castell brush pen, scanned and digitally retouched and colored.

That is all.

John C. Dvorak

23 Oct

John C. Dvorak

Originally uploaded by insidetwit

I thought it would be fun to share with you how I try to develop a character from a reference photo. Bear in mind that I’m just a beginning artist (only seriously pursuing art since January 2009)

John C. Dvorak, part 1

The first thing I did was to draw straight from observation. That didn’t turn out very well. The eye were too high in the face, and the mouth only a tad too low. The second sketch reflected that. In the next sketch I went back to the original, and tried to capture some of the features. The last sketch (which I inked) is a first attempt to stylize, make it more symbolic and less realistic. The goal is to develop a character to put in a comic strip.

All this took perhaps 45 minutes (I’m just guessing, because I didn’t time it). Now I have to let it sink all in, use some other reference material, and have the stylized character reflect some of John’s public persona as a “cranky geek”.

Guess who is going to be the second character? It certainly won’t be Buzz Kill, because he’s already in it.

That is all.

Jim Lujan caricature, part 2

27 Sep

A week after Jim Lujan turned 40, I decided to have another go at his caricature (this first one is described in this blog post). Meanwhile I have learned something about drawing caricatures, and now have Copic markers to color a black and white drawing.

Jim Lujan caricature, part 2

The black and white drawing is much better than the first version, probably because I have drawn so much this week, but also because I’ve seen Jim Lujan on video a few times.

The coloring is a bit of a disappointment. For some reason there are “dry marks” in the lighter parts. I should try to find out why that is. Copic markers are supposed to dry quickly, but perhaps I should have waited longer between applying new layers of color. And I went outside the lines. Luckily I could correct that digitally.

So this caricature of Jim Lujan is a huge improvement over my earlier version, but still lots of things remain to be improved. I guess that is a good thing, because once you know everything and are able to do anything, what’s the point of pursuing new things? You see, I’m driven by the things I don’t know or can’t do. Getting there is half the fun.

That is all.