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Drawing cars, version 0.0.5

8 Nov

If you want to draw something well, I found that you have to be emotionally invested into your subject, either because you love the subject, or you love drawing the subject.

If you don’t love the subject, you need to find a way to love drawing the subject, and the most obvious way to do that is to challenge yourself. One of such challenges I try to set myself is to draw each version of a subject a little better than the last version.

But what defines better, you might say? Well, I think better is when I notice details I didn’t see before, or when I’m able to draw a certain curve (or straight line) with confidence. So, it is not so much the result, but the process which I use to see if I have improved.

In short, if you want better drawings, immerse yourself in the process of drawing. Find new techniques or ways of looking at your subject (or what shortcuts to use for a similar result).

Drawing cars, version 0.0.5

At version 0.0.5 of this Dodge Stratus I’m pleased I kind of got the proportions right and I drew most of the details much better than previously (version 0.0.4).

I used a 0.5 mm Pentel blue lead in a mechanical pencil to do the pre-sketching and traced the blue line with regular HB black lead pencil (the wheel wells were filled in with 4B lead pencil).

That is all.

While listening to Digital Flotsam

7 Nov

While listening to the great P.W. Fenton tell his story about the places he grew up in, I drew this portion of a car from imagination. His story was much better than my drawing.

While Listening to Digital Flotsam

That is all.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.4

1 Nov

Instead of drawing freehand and judging from observation, I did this one with a ruler and measuring, although some parts are drawn in freehand.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.4

To be more exact, each time I was not sure of myself I measured the dimensions on the original, calculated the scaled dimensions, and used that in the drawing.

It might not be a very artistic way to draw cars, and rather time-consuming, but it is as close to the resemblance of a Dodge Stratus I’ve come so far.

That is all.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.3

30 Oct

Oops, this car is a bit too long, only 1/4 wheel diameter, though. The reason why I publish it, is that it is drawn freehand, without a ruler.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.3

That is all.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.2

29 Oct

It is somewhat resembling a Dodge Stratus, but, boy, what I had to change and modify to get to this result.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.2

Of course, the drawing isn’t finished. I just need to do some more versions, until I can get to this stage without too much problems, and then go beyond it.

That is all.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.1

29 Oct

Drawing cars is very different from drawing humans. The proportions are quite different and if you don’t own a car, and don’t care about cars, you’ve probably never had a good look at a car.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.1This is my first, very naive version of a Dodge Stratus, the first example from the book “Draw Cars” by Doug DuBosque. It is because DuBosque’s tutorial is so easy to follow that the drawing actually resembles a car.

Nevertheless, it is too short. Obviously, measuring the distance between the wheels in the number of wheel diameters is key.

I’m excited about this, because it forces me to draw with more precision. I tend to judge proportions badly, while I believe that is one of the most important parts of setting up a sketch. My hope is that drawing cars will improve my skills and help me to draw humans with more refinement than I currently do.

That is all.