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Think big, draw small

8 Feb

I had a lot of fun creating this one.

Think Big, draw small

I don’t know where I read this statement, nor can I remember what the context was.

The thing is that you should acknowledge your limits in your artistry, but that shouldn’t limit your ideas about what to draw. It is all about intent, what you want to express, not how you express it. The latter should always be secondary.

I like Clipardo.com

26 Jan

If you can draw, but don’t know what to draw, clipardo.com might be what you’re looking for. You doodle something in a window, hit the search button, and you’ll get all kinds of clip-art the service has decided matches your drawing.

I like Clipardo.com

Computers are bad at recognizing content and meaning. Normally that is a bad thing, but here it is a feature. Its “artificial intelligence” doesn’t think like humans, so it comes up with totally unexpected results. This is what you want, because, remember, your human brain couldn’t come up with something to draw. The computer “brain” obviously could.

Preston Blair inspired drawing, part 12

21 Jan

Well, inspired is a great word. Let’s say that I used the three-drawings tutorial to create a sloppy copy of the original (which was already a loose sketch).

Preston Blair inspired drawing, part 12

I did nothing with line value, really. Getting the shapes somewhat right is already hard enough.

Disposable drawings

19 Jan

Some drawings you shouldn’t be precious about. Putting them on my blog would be wrong. Still I wanted to show some of my doodles while browsing the web and reading Twitter. So cherish these, because from now on they will stay in my paper notebook.

disposable # 002disposable # 003disposable # 004


16 Jan

To find a productive method for illustration in ArtRage I tried these fishes. The inking was done with the preset no aliasing, which allowed me to create clean fills. If need be I could blur the black ink layer afterwards, to give a more traditional look and feel.

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