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19 Feb


Based on this tweet:

A grumpy cat walks and a jolly mouse hops into a bar. The cats ask: “What will it be? If you say CHEESE I will eat you!” #areyouamanoramouse

I know it’s rough, but that is the fun of it.

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011

2 Feb

This time I wanted to draw a Persian kitten. After some warm-up sketches, I draw a more realistic kitten and in the nick of time I draw a cartoon of a Persian kitten. Yes, Persian cats are known for their lack of activity and tardiness.

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011 # 1

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011 # 2

Pencilcast for January 19, 2011

19 Jan

I was trying to draw a cartoon version of a Siamese cat, based on a more realistic version, which isn’t really that easy, as it turned out. I needed more sketches than I show here below, as you can see in the video.


Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 1
⬆ First attempt at drawing a Siamese cat in a pose from a reference photo.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 2
⬆ A somewhat more stylized version of a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 3
⬆ Pushing the stylization even more, making it less realistic looking, but still recognizable as a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 4
⬆ After doing the stylized version, I dialed it a bit back to realism. It is still a rough sketch, which needs a lot of development and drawing.

Mini-comic – Why Are Kittens So Cute?

22 Jun

This mini-comic was made for the mini-comic challenge in the Art & Story Supreme forums.

Loosely sketched animals

18 Aug

Today I decided to make some loose sketches of animals, just to keep the fun level up. Drawing from construction is useful, but not as much fun (yet) as drawing from observation (or memory).

I started with sketching one of my cats, resting, but aware of my presence. The drawing is done with a carpenter’s pencil and darkened after scanning.

Cats, part 18

This horse was drawn from imagination, not with a particular photo or drawing in front of me. I used an ordinary B pencil, and darkened the sketch after scanning.

Horse, part 2

These two dogs are the same dog I drew from the cover of Ken Hultgren’s book The Art of Drawing Animals, with B pencil, darkened after scanning.

Dog, part 1Dog, part 2

All were fun drawing experiences, and that is important if you want to keep doing it. Because if it isn’t fun, why bother doing it over and over again?

That is all.