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1 Oct

My sister breeds Bengal cats for a hobby (a serious hobby, involving serious money, but a hobby nonetheless). She doesn’t keep her cats indefinitely, but gives them good homes, so she can keep improving her “stock”.

Anyway, she posted a photo the new owner took of one of those re-homed cats. I decided to use it for my process of silhouetting. The silhouette on the left was drawn first, copied as a layer and then lighter colors were drawn on top of it.


I concentrated on the face and made the rest rather sketchy (or is that sloppy?). It’s not a 100 % accurate reproduction of the original pose, nor even close to the rendering of the photo. So I think this still means I used the photo as a reference, a close reference, though.

Pencilcast for January 19, 2011

19 Jan

I was trying to draw a cartoon version of a Siamese cat, based on a more realistic version, which isn’t really that easy, as it turned out. I needed more sketches than I show here below, as you can see in the video.


Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 1
⬆ First attempt at drawing a Siamese cat in a pose from a reference photo.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 2
⬆ A somewhat more stylized version of a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 3
⬆ Pushing the stylization even more, making it less realistic looking, but still recognizable as a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 4
⬆ After doing the stylized version, I dialed it a bit back to realism. It is still a rough sketch, which needs a lot of development and drawing.

Warm-up sketch for August 14, 2010

14 Aug

This is today’s warm-up sketch.

Warm-up sketch

I did a brief recording while doing this sketch. The intention was to keep it under 5 minutes, but I went 2 minutes over that. The audio is very rough, although I tried to clean it up. Next time I’ll be using my headset to have a cleaner audio source.

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Cat’s contour sketch

26 May

I made a contour sketch based on a photo on the computer screen of a running cat.

contour sketch, drawn on May 26, 2010

Cute kitten, inked on May 13, 2010

13 May

The idea was to make something almost anyone can make, and to have a cat as its subject.

For this experiment I used the match stick depicted on the top right to create this inked drawing. I also used regular Indian ink, an old photo of a Burmese kitten, a color scanner, a color printer, and a piece of thick drawing paper that fit in the paper tray of the printer.

Cute kitten, inked on May 13, 2010

I first scanned the original photo, edited out most of the background in an image editor (I used the free GIMP, but I guess Photoshop or Photoshop Elements will do just as well), turned it into a blue and white picture**, which I printed on a piece of thick drawing paper.

After inking the drawing, I glued the (now broken) match stick to the drawing, used an unused stick to balance and scanned in color. By decomposing in CMYK and removing the CMY layers, I was left with the inked drawing, while removing the printed "underdrawing". Finally, I leveled out the image (31, 1.00, 241) and saved it as a JPEG.

** Note — I used this technique: 1) desaturate the image, 2) invert the colors in the main layer, 3) create a new layer, 4) fill it with #d76e30 (R=215, G=110, B=48), 5) set the new layer’s layer mode to Multiply, 6) flatten the image, 7) invert the colors.

BTW I used a match stick instead of a regular brush or dip pen, because it makes you less precious about the outcome. It should be about having fun, not about skill and technique. You can’t be very precise with a chewed match stick. Yes, I chewed on the non-business end of the stick, to make it flatter and more flexible, like a brush.