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Chalk garden

1 May

With all the nastiness going on in the socially challenged neighborhood I live in, I decided it was time again to do some street art to give people something else to think about then how to get even with others. It’s a small contribution, but other than calling the police for dealing with the most egregious offenders of neighborly peace, I can do little. People are still responsible for their own actions, how stupid those may be.

This time I drew a garden with flowers and insects. Nothing fancy, basic stuff. There are a butterfly, a beetle and a bee, and some non-specific flowers. I didn’t plan this out, but went along with the flow. Alas, it was a bit hard to take a picture. I tried stitching it together with panorama software, but it got confused (no sky), so this video was the best I could do with the photos I made in a grid.

Unfortunately, this time no one was creating with me. I suppose that’s because many parents with children have packed their things and went on vacation. It are the kids that stay at home during school vacation which worry me. They tend to suffer in learning abilities, because they basically do nothing to keep their brains occupied.

So sad.

Chalking in the woods

8 Apr

I decided to visit another part of where I live, surrounded by a lot of trees and take my iPod Touch and a few pieces of chalk with me. Alas, I didn’t have enough chalk to do all 3 drawings, let alone do more.

Chalk rabbit
⇧ I’m outside of my home town, surrounded by woodlands, so a rabbit seemed very appropriate.

Chalk beaver
⇧ This one wasn’t really on a sidewalk, but on the road. It’s a beaver, because I was surrounded by forest.

Chalk zebra
⇧ I ran out of chalk while drawing this zebra on a road with little car traffic. He is grazing grass, though.

I saw few people, certainly walking by, so this was again an exercise to improve my chalk chops. If nothing else, I had some physical exercise.

Chalk sketches

5 Apr

I’m trying to get better at my art. I hope to impress people when I will be doing it with an audience. Until then, I’m kind of doing stealth drawing, with little or no audience. Practice, you know.

Chalk Kangaroo
⇧ My first piece of street art of today was not far from where I live, in a city park called after a famous Dutch writer (A.M. De Jong). Yes, it’s a kangaroo, apt for the stairs leading to the park itself.

Chalk goat
⇧ Here I stood in an outer part of my home town that is still grazed by cows. There might be goats as well. To remember cyclists driving by I drew this goat in chalk.

While I was a bit nervous each time I started drawing, I forgot about the initial anxiety once I got into the groove. Art demands full attention!

Chalk drawing walk

3 Apr

Instead of staying at one location, I decided to do a photo-walk, but then with chalk drawing. I didn’t use the chunky chalks of yesterday, but more portable chalkboard chalks.

Chalk raccoon
⇧ With a photo on my iPod Touch as my guide, I drew this raccoon in chalk. Of course, some kids showed up and we had a blast drawing.

Chalk bike
⇧ After I tried to draw a bike from memory (and failed), I found a bike as my model. Some old folks nearby (which no intention to draw) were chatting about bike prices. I drew this bike for only 10 eurocents in chalk.

Chalk duck
⇧ I sat on a bench, drawing a duck 10 m or so away. There were a few passers-by (bikers and runners), but they only smiled at my attempt to portrait some local wildlife.

So this time it wasn’t so much a community event, but rather an exercise to improve my skills to draw from life.

Chalk the playground

2 Apr

Yesterday night some youngsters tried to break into an apartment in my flat. Instead of complaining how the neighborhood is going down the drain, I decided to buy some chalk crayons and just draw on the playground behind my flat. It immediately drew the attention of some local kids and soon we were all drawing and covering our hands in chalk.

Chalk elephant
⇧ This young artist drew an elephant on a raft on a river.

Chalk mushroom
⇧ “What is this,” the young artists asked. A mushroom, of course!

Chalk girl
⇧ Give kids a bunch of chalks and they start drawing whatever they want.

Chalk some animal
⇧ Trying to be smart and make fun of the adult is part of the fun!

Chalk boyfriend
⇧ Yes, this young female artist has a secret lover and he is made of chalk!

Chalk bug
⇧ Yes, kids draw bugs. They love bugs!

Chalk mom
⇧ Mother has to be on any chalk drawing fest. She watches over us.

Chalk monkey
⇧ This was my contribution to the chalk fest.

Chalk huh?
⇧ Don’t know what this is, but what the hey, it’s not about the result. It’s about having fun!

Chalk me some sidewalk
⇧ Neighbors being amazed about so much artistry in their backyard.

Chalk firebreathing cat
⇧ Just something that came out of my imagination. The kids didn’t seem to have any problems with it, so I shouldn’t feel shy to do the same.

Chat imitated firebreathing cat
⇧ She wanted to draw what I had drawn. A copycat, so to say. It made me smile!

Chalk the playground
⇧ Usually this playground is used by 20-somes to play soccer with their buddies. Today the chalk army of artists had taken over!

It only lasted an hour and since it was on a playground, the drawing fest ended with a football match between the artists. I’m sure we all had a ball.