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Developing a cute pink dinosaur

18 Feb

Based on a sketch of a cartoony dinosaur I put on my Deviant Art page yesterday and which in turn was based on someone else’s sketch made in 2007, I made a new digital sketch.

I’m trying to find out how to draw something consistently, because that is what I’m having problems with right now. When I try to “improve” my sketch, I’m getting too scientific about it, which spoils the whole appeal of what I drew originally as a fun sketch. What seems to work much better for me right now is to tweak the original rough sketch, rather than trying to redraw from scratch with each new drawing. I’m sure once I’ve drawn this guy enough times, I can draw him from scratch without tracing from an original.

Dinosaur original sketch1
1. I draw the sketch with pencil on paper, scanned it in and turned it into a pure black and white drawing. I basically put a piece of paper on top of the old sketch, copied some of the features and then drew a new sketch, with some improvements.

Dinosaur blue line version2
2. Before drawing in Sketchbook Pro on top of the scanned image, I cleaned the sketch somewhat and turned it into a blue line sketch. Actually, it is more like cyan line sketch. It is meant to be distinct from black, so when I draw over it, I can clearly see where I put my black outline.

Dinosaur final version3
3. The final version was drawn in Sketchbook Pro with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. I had to rotate the canvas, because for certain lines this worked much better. I’m still not satisfied with the roundness of the belly. It looks too “wobbly” to my eyes. I’m sure it’s a matter of practice.

Once I’ve more or less mastered drawing this pink dinosaur, I want to turn him into a cartoon character for a mini-comic based on the episode of He-Man, which I deconstructed a while ago.

Character design

25 Jun

I’m reading a chapter about character design in a book about cartoon drawing, and copied an example from it. The character is designed using big blocks to get the overall appearance right. Then the character is refined in the steps that follow the initial sketch. The big blocks are relatively easy to draw from different angles, so you can set up a character quickly, certainly with some practice.

character design (rough sketch)

In the sketch above the blue pencil sketch was the first sketch, the red pencil sketch refined it and the black pencil sketch was the final version, the version that will be used for further digital manipulation. By decomposing the scanned image into CMYK layers, erasing the CMY layers, and converting back to a color image, you’re left with a dark gray pencil sketch. I cleaned up this sketch with GIMP, and darkened the gray pencil color to pure black.

character design (cleaned up)

Mind you, all this is still very rough. I will need to practice a lot before I’m able to get my characters right. However, using several colors helps you to keep track of your versions, while they won’t show up in the version you are going to be using. Without it, you probably would need to redraw the entire character in a new sketch.

Anything that helps to improve or speed up your character design has to be a good thing.

That is all.