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Strong lines

31 Aug

Drawing with firm, strong lines. None of that “amateurish” scribbling. That was my assignment of today.

I grabbed this image from a YouTube video (halted), and colored it afterwards with GIMP.

More YouTube drawing, part 3

Even more direct, because I can’t freeze frame it, was drawing one of my cats life.

Drawing my cats, part 23

I’m trying to express myself with more exact lines. I hope I’m slowly getting to a point I can turn that page and start drawing caricatures.

That is all.

Monkeying around

12 May

I used a photo of a monkey as a reference for this sketch. The monkey was sketched with pencil and inked with nib pen and Indian ink. The lettering was done directly without penciling. After I scanned the page and converted it into black and white, I colored some of the drawing digitally.

Monkeying around

Baron Von Munschausenkey seems a nice name for a monkey character in a comic.

That is all.

WowWee Tri-bot drawing

10 May

This drawing started as a sketch of a pose of my WowWee Tri-bot toy robot. After I had inked this pencil sketch with a Micron, I scanned it, and changed it considerably in an image editor. I also filled it with color.

WowWee Tri-Bot

It is a very rough sketch, but the proportions are more or less correct.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 140

10 May

This digitally colored ink sketch started as a pencil drawing of a photo, which I slightly modified.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 140

That is all.

A rooster in color

5 May

I wanted to draw a colored sketch of a rooster. Here’s how I did it.

The first thing I did was to find a photo using zFlick on Flickr.com, and pencilled a sketch, which I scanned.


Next, I used the Threshold function to convert a pencil sketch into a black and white drawing (effectively an ink drawing). I did some editing with the paintbrush, removing unwanted blacks and whites, by respectively painting in pure white and pure black.

Rooster - converted into black and white

Then I used a program called Color Schemer Studio to pick colors from the original photo as my color palette and put it on the black and white drawing (converted into RGB). I used some of these colors and create three new colors, based on existing colors in the color palette, because I needed them. With those I created this colored sketch, using the original photo as a reference.

Rooster, colored end result

Now the white in the original digital image file is on a separate layer, on the bottom of the layers palette. Next is the layer which contains the colors, then the layer containing only the black of the black and white sketch, and on top is the layer for the colored lettering (Roo-ooster).

While the sketch only took me 45 minutes, I needed another 55 minutes to do the rest, and even an hour to get everything described and uploaded.

That is all.