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Drawing Leo Laporte, part 22

14 Oct

Another attempt at drawing Leo Laporte, this time as a cartoon character.

Leo Laporte, part 38

That is all.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 2

9 Oct

This fan art was made for one purpose only: to save Krishna’s beard. Read this blog post on PCWeenies for more explanation.

Beardusmaximus fan art, day 2

I hope the day Krishna can shave off his beard is pushed forward as far as possible. Until that time, I will draw something with a beard every day.

Today’s subject was a bearded mussel, in case you hadn’t noticed.

That is all.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 1

8 Oct

This fan art was made for one purpose only: to save Krishna’s beard. Read this blog post on PCWeenies for more explanation.

Beardusmaximus fan art, day 1

The sketch was based on the photo in the blog post. I first made a pencil sketch, inked it with a black Faber-Castell PITT artist’s brush pen, colored the shirt and chain with acrylic paint and colored the rest with Copic markers.

You really should buy a copy of Rebootus Maximus, because Krishna has poored ten years of his live into it and it is very funny. And yes, I have bought it as well.

That is all.

I’m Here To Make You Look Cool! – part 1

6 Oct

IHTMYLC part 1

To take away any fear that your art isn’t good enough to put on the Internet, here is part 1 of my brand new comic “I’m Here To Make You Look Cool!”. If that’s not an endorsement to finally put your art online, I don’t know what is.

The comic is Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike, Non-Commercial, 2.0. If you make a derivative work, please let me know (if the comments are closed, you can use my about page, which has a contact form).

That is all.

PS This has been so much fun making. A little bit of self-deprecation puts one in one’s place again, way back in line, where the misfits and failures in life reside. Things can only get better from here on out.

Explorations into wolfiness

28 Sep

I’ve started a new series on drawing wolves. Here’s the first rough sketch I did.

Explorations into wolfiness, part 1

That’s nice, but only that, nice. I want to do better than that.

Explorations into wolfiness, part 2

Now, that wasn’t very helpful, so I decided to look into my many books about drawing for guidance. I found help in the form of the following basic sketch of a wolf’s head.

Explorations into wolfiness, part 3

Using that, I tried to recreate a photo reference, and that went surprisingly well.

Explorations into wolfiness, part 4

This is always the hardest part of drawing anything: finding out what is the underlying structure. Once you’ve got that, you can try to improve the features, have more feel for your subject, and practice, practice, practice. However, those are incremental improvements. It’s that first big step of understanding your subject most people get stuck on, including myself, and which, once taken, gives a sudden leap in how real your drawing looks. It’s like a light switch is flicked, and a light bulb appears just above your head: Eureka!

I’m just glad I have an extensive enough collection of art instructional books so I seldom get stuck. And if I do, there’s always Google to find an additional resource for that one teeny missing piece of the puzzle, which makes you think: Why didn’t I see that before?

That is all.

More caricature drawing preparation, part 13

27 Sep

Another drawing from imagination, that started as a pencil sketch, was inked and colored on drawing paper.

More caricature prep, part 13

That is all.

Jim Lujan caricature, part 2

27 Sep

A week after Jim Lujan turned 40, I decided to have another go at his caricature (this first one is described in this blog post). Meanwhile I have learned something about drawing caricatures, and now have Copic markers to color a black and white drawing.

Jim Lujan caricature, part 2

The black and white drawing is much better than the first version, probably because I have drawn so much this week, but also because I’ve seen Jim Lujan on video a few times.

The coloring is a bit of a disappointment. For some reason there are “dry marks” in the lighter parts. I should try to find out why that is. Copic markers are supposed to dry quickly, but perhaps I should have waited longer between applying new layers of color. And I went outside the lines. Luckily I could correct that digitally.

So this caricature of Jim Lujan is a huge improvement over my earlier version, but still lots of things remain to be improved. I guess that is a good thing, because once you know everything and are able to do anything, what’s the point of pursuing new things? You see, I’m driven by the things I don’t know or can’t do. Getting there is half the fun.

That is all.