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Quantum Leap – 2

31 Mar

So, I inked the pencil drawing I did yesterday. I can see why most comic artists want to work big. It is hard to put ink on the paper if you’re working small. I made a few mistakes, which I erased with correction fluid.

After the scan, I removed the specks of ink and pencil traces that were left over (I had used kneaded rubber to erase as much as I could see). The scan was done at 1-bit color depth, 600 dpi.

Quantum Leap inked

I guess I have to put some color in this drawing, but I won’t do that today.

That is all.

Quantum Leap

30 Mar

I loved the Sci-fi tv series “Quantum Leap” with Sam and Al. I found a dvd cover via Google Image search and started with the lettering. It is still a bit rough, but because the whole drawing is going to be rough, I guess that is a good thing.

Quantum Leap lettering

I first penciled the letters, eyeballing from the full display of the poster image file on my computer screen. Then I inked the pencil drawing. I corrected the worst mistakes with some old-fashioned correction fluid (used for typewriters).

I want to color the ink drawing on the computer, probably with some cel shading.

Next I penciled in the actors, Dr. Samuel Beckett (played by Scott Bakula) and Al Calavicci (played by Dean Stockwell) in about an hour.

Quantum Leap - pencil sketch

The size of the drawing is around 18 by 26 cm (width, height), so there’s not much room for details. I guess it means I can only do a rough drawing. If I wanted to add more details, I would need to use a considerably bigger piece of paper.

I will continue working on this tomorrow.

That is all.