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Developing a cute pink dinosaur

18 Feb

Based on a sketch of a cartoony dinosaur I put on my Deviant Art page yesterday and which in turn was based on someone else’s sketch made in 2007, I made a new digital sketch.

I’m trying to find out how to draw something consistently, because that is what I’m having problems with right now. When I try to “improve” my sketch, I’m getting too scientific about it, which spoils the whole appeal of what I drew originally as a fun sketch. What seems to work much better for me right now is to tweak the original rough sketch, rather than trying to redraw from scratch with each new drawing. I’m sure once I’ve drawn this guy enough times, I can draw him from scratch without tracing from an original.

Dinosaur original sketch1
1. I draw the sketch with pencil on paper, scanned it in and turned it into a pure black and white drawing. I basically put a piece of paper on top of the old sketch, copied some of the features and then drew a new sketch, with some improvements.

Dinosaur blue line version2
2. Before drawing in Sketchbook Pro on top of the scanned image, I cleaned the sketch somewhat and turned it into a blue line sketch. Actually, it is more like cyan line sketch. It is meant to be distinct from black, so when I draw over it, I can clearly see where I put my black outline.

Dinosaur final version3
3. The final version was drawn in Sketchbook Pro with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. I had to rotate the canvas, because for certain lines this worked much better. I’m still not satisfied with the roundness of the belly. It looks too “wobbly” to my eyes. I’m sure it’s a matter of practice.

Once I’ve more or less mastered drawing this pink dinosaur, I want to turn him into a cartoon character for a mini-comic based on the episode of He-Man, which I deconstructed a while ago.


Panels with Inkscape and GIMP

29 Jun

I continued my experiments with Inkscape. I drew the black and white version of this panel, divided into 11 sub-panels (so without the color fills, flattened the exported bitmap (which contained anti-aliasing gray tones) in GIMP, and filled the sub-panels with colors in GIMP as well.

Panels with Inkscape and GIMP

Reading through the support wiki of Inkscape I saw you cannot suppress the anti-aliasing effect, so this has to be done externally in an image editing program. That being so, I can just as well color the pages outside of Inkscape and only use the vector drawing program to produce black and white images (or: black, white and transparent) to overlay on the bitmap artwork.

To show the page borders, I have made the image border visible (which is normally invisible in the WordPress template I’m using for this blog).

That is all.