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Mark Rudogmatix

1 Nov

As promised some weeks ago, here is Mark Rudolph drawn as Dogmatix.

Mark Rudogmatix

The process involved massive sketching (until almost all the paper was filled with pencil lead), erasing with kneaded rubber, inking with a brush pen, scanning, threshold filter, and some creative retouch.

The sketching was the hardest to do, because I had to draw in the style of Dogmatix, while putting features of Mark in it. I used Mark’s drawing on the “Don’t Draw Like My Buddy” mug and an image I –ahem– got from the Interwebs of Dogmatix as templates and kept sketching until the result did both justice (in my opinion).

It is hard to explain, because it all happened in the “back of the brain”. Obviously, I have had enough drawing practice in the last few weeks so, that I was able to pull this off.

And it felt “right”.

It’s still crude, though, and would need several months of refinement to approach something what I would call “professional looking”.

That is all.